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Games Like Animal Jam – You Must look At

National Geographic hosts an online kids game called Animal Jam. It’s free, and has a large map that lets children freely explore Jamaa, the world of the game. They can play learn about animals, play games, and talk to friends on in-game filtered chat.

Are there any games like Animal Jam? Yes, definitely. Most have a free trial, and after the trial there is a paid membership, like Animal Jam. In some the characters are animals; in others, they are different creatures or people.

Club Penguin –  This game has been around longer than Animal Jam. The two are very similar. You start out playing for free and can customize your penguin avatar. There is a virtual world with many games and activities. Club Penguin also has a chat system to let players interact with each other safely.

club penguine

Like in the world of Animal Jam, Club Penguin’s world is made up of different areas with themes. Instead of a den, you get an igloo which can be decorated. You can buy things with coins, which are earned by playing or using cheat codes. Club Pengun has an online community of millions of players. Anyone who likes Animal Jam will probably also like Club Penguin.

Poptropica –  Poptropica is also a free online game. The game has avatars (“Poptropicans”) to customize. Like the other games, Poptropica has a large online community, but the game is meant to be single-player. There are only a few areas in the game where players can interact with each other, and the chat system is much smaller.


Poptropica’s world is made up of islands, and the object is to complete the islands or missions. There are many islands, each with their own theme. Some of these islands are difficult to complete, so the game is aimed at older players. Even free players will find lots to do. This is the game for you if you love completing missions and meeting objectives.

Webkinz – Webkinz is another free online game. Kids can sign up for free, or use a code from a Webkinz stuffed animal to sign up. There are stuffed animal avatars to personalize, with items that can be used to decorate them. There are other fun activities for the avatars.


The game also has mini-games to play and clubhouse areas to interact and talk to other players. Webkinz is designed for younger players, but all players will find it fun.

Fantage – Another online game which is based on an open world, children can sign up online for free. There are avatars to customize, with the difference that these characters are people. The game is more oriented to socializing with the other players than working on missions or objectives. Avatars live in houses, and have customizable hair and clothes. In the game, they can have parties in their houses, have fashion shows, and celebrate holidays.


There are also games within the game, where players can play against each other and earn gems. The gems can be used to buy items and outfits for the avatars. The game is very focused on social interaction. There is a safety system which is meant to keep players from having personal identification exposed, among other dangers. If you want to meet new people and hang out in a virtual town, this is the game for you.