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What Are Animal Jam Rares?

Rare items in the game are labelled “Rare”. But why?

Official rare items have golden tags on them. If someone tells you an item is rare but it doesn’t have the tag, don’t fall for it.

There are lots of rare items in Animal Jam, and new ones are always showing up. Some rare items are worth more than the others.

There are several different ways to get rare items. The most common ways are:

  • Trading
  • Winning them in events
  • Special events
  • Rare Item Mondays

Rare item Mondays are exactly like they sound. A rare item is released every Monday in stores, for just one day. It’s up to players to find it.

Leap Year day is another special day when rare items are released.  All of the items in stores are rare.

So, there are plenty of opportunities to get rare items. Get out there and get them!