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Animal Jam Play Wild Review and Guide

Developers Wildworks, Inc. released their popular children’s massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG), “Animal Jam”, to the iPad as “Animal Jam Play Wild”. You can get it on the iTunes App Store, where it has a rating of 4.5 starts. You need iOS 7.1 or higher, and you can currently only get it on the iPad. Wildworks is expected to release the game for other platforms as well.

Like its predecessor, Animal Jam Play Wild is an MMORPG set on the planet Jamaa and was created in along with the folks over at the National Geographic foundation to create an environment where kids not only have fun, but they also learn about the animals inhabiting our planet, the threats they face as a result of habitat destruction and industrialization, and how we have a responsibility to preserve the natural world for future generations.

There are three characters to choose from, a rabbit, a monkey, and a wolf. Users can customize each avatar with clothing, accessories, fur patterns, etc. Avatars come with a den to use as a home. Like a home, it can be also be custtmized with flowers, ornaments, furniture, and other items. Friends can be invited to the den to hang out.

Among the the many features of the game, players can go treasure hunting, go on quests, play games, chat, and add friends. Parents control account activation and chat settings for kids under 18. Wildworks has done a good job of setting up a safe system for its users, who after all are mostly children.

Of course, you should look over all the rules and regulations yourself to make sure you understand online safety, but this game seems to be a pretty safe one. Players can report other players, and chat is filtered. There is also 24-hour live moderation.

Parents can also turn off in-game buying. You can play Animal Jam Play Wild for free, but there are lots of opportunities to buy items. Parents can turn this off on their dashboard so that there are no unwanted charges.

Old Animal Jam usernames and passwords from playing on a laptop or computer can be reused here if you want.

Play Wild Tips and Cheats Guide

When you start playing Animal Jam Play Wild, you need to customize your avatar. Since there are only 3 possible characters, you should make yours as unique as possible in order to stand out a little bit.

Animal Play Jam Wild really stresses the social part of its play. If you’re social, it makes the game that much more fun and interesting. You can add real-life friends or make friends while playing. Just make sure not give out personal information to people you don’t know. One way the game helps with this is in naming your character – you can only choose from a pre-selected list of names. Don’t worry, the names aren’t boring!

One thing to remember when choosing your character is that people playing the game are more likely to friend others who are the same species. So if all your friends are wolves, you might want to choose a wolf as your character.

Also, the animal you choose for your character will affect which quests and treasure hunts you can go on.

Make sure you don’t pick a character that you don’t like or may end up not liking. One idea is to buy one of each animal so that you can switch back and forth to one you feel like playing.

It’s good to have a lot of friends in this game, because you can trade with them, and you won’t get bored. They can also invite you on adventures and play games with you.

The game store rotates their stock frequently, so you may miss out on buying something that you really want. This is where trading comes in. You can trade with somebody who has that item. That way it doesn’t really matter what the store does.

In Animal Jam Play Wild there are five areas. The starting point is Jamaa Township, the capital of Jamaa. There are a lot of things to do there. There are also the Lost Temple of Zios, Crystal Sands, Coral Canyons, Sarepia Forest, and Mt. Shiveer. These are like their counterpoints in the main game.

Each area has its own theme and hidden secrets.

The Lost Temple of Zios has a secret bunny den which is west and after the river. There is a hole in the ground and a bunny icon. There’s nothing really to do, but you can hang out and trade here.

Crystal Sands has a secret wolf cave to the east after the waterfall. Sarepia Forest has an area for monkeys.

One good cheat to know is that being a certain animal gives you an advantage in some games. As an example, Falling Phantoms as a rabbit is easier because you are smaller and fast, which makes it easy to hide in small places and move quickly to avoid being attacked. This kind of knowledge will help you get more gems.

Gems and diamonds are the two ways to pay for things in the game. Gems are free and you can get them by playing games and going on treasure hunts. Diamonds need to be bought and are more valuable.

Getting gems is fairly hard because you have to play a lot of games and work hard in order to get a large amount of them. Diamonds are easier and more valuable, but they need to be bought. Diamonds cost $9.99 for 10 and $19.99 for 25. It’s probably a good idea to wait on buying diamonds until you see how much you like the game. That goes for buying a membership, too.

For those players who decide to buy a membership, it’s $6.95/month, $29.95/6 months, and $54.95/year. In return you get to access secret features and members-only lounges, and get free diamonds every week.

Animal Jam Play Wild should end up being just as successful as the Animal Jam. The 3D graphics are fantastic. The security and safety of children while playing the game is excellent. In addition, the storyline focuses on environmental sustainability.

There may still be some glitches found and there are many features that have not yet been released.

Still, once the full game is out, it should be a welcome addition to the original Animal Jam.