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Animal Jam – Land Area Secrets and Guide

Animal Jam has seven different land areas.  Each area has a different type of climate and animal habitat.  Here’s what you can find in each of these land areas.

Appondale: This town is in a savannah area that has plenty of wild animals to see and attractions to play with. There’s a conservation museum, a pet shop, and a mud pit.  Go for a swim in the mud pit or browse around the Conservation Museum.

Coral Canyons: Coral Canyons is a desert and red rock area with lots of desert wildlife and plants to observe.  The Coral Canyon bridge is near the top of the area. The area also has an art studio and several shops.

Crystal Sands: This area is the ideal beach getaway, with a sandy area and waterslides.  Located near all of the ocean areas, explore both land and sea in one place.  Check out the juice bar and the aquarium.

Jamaa Township: Jamaa’s hub is Jamaa Township.  This is the area where you start playing.  It’s usually very crowded and busy. Visit Club Geoz, the Sol Arcade, and the Pillow Room. There are also some shops where you can buy things to outfit you and your den.

Kimbara Outback: Based on the Australian outback, Kimbara Outback is the newest area to Animal Jam. The Medical Center also contains a shop that sells clothing. Also visit the import shop and pick up some interesting items related to the outback.

Lost Temple of Zios: This jungle area is full of secrets and is a pretty quiet area.  Visit Brady Bar’s Lab or check out the Chamber of Knowledge, which has books, potions, games, and the Mystery Emporium.

Mt. Shiveer: Mt. Shiveer is the only arctic themed area. A lot of Jammers try to break the ice on the ice rink to see what’s underneath.Try the ice slide! You can warm up at the Hot Cocoa Hut.

Sarepia Forest:  Sarepia is a forest in the middle of the map. It’s connected by trail to many other areas. The theater shows short National Geographic movies, and the campfire is a good place to hang out. There are shops to help you decorate your den.