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Animal Jam Diamond And Its Importance

Diamonds are an important feature in  Animal Jam. Each member is given a diamond each week to spend on whatever they choose. Players who aren’t members can win diamonds from the Daily Spin.

You can use your diamonds to buy all sorts of rare items in Jamaa. The Diamond Shop is located in Jamaa Township near Club Geoz. Inside you can purchase rare animals and rare pets. They also have scarce den and clothing items available for purchase.

Most items cost more than one diamond, so you might have to save up for the  item you want. You can tell how many diamonds you have by going to the top menu and clicking on the gems. New items are constantly being added to the shop, so check back frequently.

Here are the ways to get diamonds in Animal Jam:

  • Become a member – members automatically get a diamond once a week.
  • Buy a membership card. Most 6-month membership cards come with 25 diamonds.
  • Try the Daily Spin. You might get lucky.
Image source: animaljam.com

Codes can be used for diamonds and other special items. As of August 2016 there is one special code available:

twelve – one diamond

This page will be updated for any new codes found. In the meantime, keep trying the Daily Spin or get a membership.

Last updated August 2016