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Animal Jam Adoption Guide

Do you know in Animal Jam adoption is really a fun game for “parents” as well as “children”. Lately, there have been a lot of queries regarding adoption, so here I have decided to answer all your questions in the post. Let me tell you that officially there is no “adoption button” in the game you just have to look for it and find it.

animal jam adoption

How to Get Adopted in Animal Jam

  1. First decide any cute animal for your character. I must say bunny and fox are really very good choices.
  2. Make your animal get dressed like your baby: can wear anything that makes you look like a baby more.
  3. Go to Pillow Room in Jamaa Township. In that place, most of the adoptions take place here, if you will choose a busy server then there is more chance you will get adopted.
  4. In pillow room say some nice words like “I’m a happy baby”or “Needs a mommy” to the other Jammers. It will make them realize that you are here to get adopted by them.
  5. Wait till any Jammer approach to you and adopt you. If you don’t find any then go to another server room with more people and you will find a parent soon.
  6. If someone is ready to adopt you talk to them and find out that would the person would be a good parent. If you want to get adopted by the player then don’t forget to add the player to your buddy list.
  7. That’s all. Now you can play as a family with your new parent and live in their den. Here I’ve explained all the important steps to get adopted

How to Adopt a Baby in Animal Jam

In Animal Jam game, if you want to be a parent and want to adopt a baby, the steps are same but a little different. Follow these easy steps to be a parent in Animal Jam:

  1. Dress your animal nicely so it doesn’t threaten your future children.
  2. Make your den ready for your future baby. You need to get a room for your baby in your den and decorate it like a baby’s room.
  3. The next step is to join a server and it should be a busy one. More the players in the server more you will get the chance to find a baby.
  4. Go to the Pillow Room in Jamaa Township. This is the place where babies will be waiting to be adopted by any parent.
  5. You really have to be nice in the pillow room. No matters if you are adopting any one of the them. Be nice to everyone ; babies won’t want to get adopted by any mean parent.
  6. Choose a baby from the pillow room and have a conversation with them. If you want to adopt any baby, add them to your buddy list, so you won’t lose them.
  7. After adopting the baby, take them to your home, so that they will get used to the new place that is exactly your home.

I have explained the entire steps for adopting a baby. Just make sure you take good care of your baby so that they will not leave you. There are a lot of activities            for whole the family around Jamaa.