Animal Jam Codes For Diamond And Free Membership 2016

animal jam codes

Do you play National Geographic Animal Jam Game then you must be looking for free Animal Jam Codes. Am i right? If yes then you have come to the right place. We are now offering online codes generator to every player on our website for free of cost. Yes absolutely free of cost and you don’t have to pay for anything in the game. Using our online generator you will get Animal Jam diamonds, gems, rares and free Animal Jam membership. So what are you thinking? Hurry up and collect the free animal jam resources as long as our generator is free.

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Watch the Animal jam membership proof below

Online Animal Jam Codes Generator

Finally we have successfully released our latest online animal jam free membership codes generator. Using this generator you can generate unlimited Diamonds, Gems, and up to 12 months membership. We have tested our tool many times before releasing it publicly and it is working like a charm. You shouldn’t have any problem using our online tool. All the codes generated by out tool are 99% unique and so far we have received very nice feedback from our users. They are very satisfied with the online Animal jam diamond codes generator tool. Here are some features of our tool.

  1. Free of cost.
  2. Maximum 25000 gems per day.
  3. Maximum 25000 Diamonds per day.
  4. Up to 12 months membership.
  5. Anti-ban Scripts available ( your account will be safe )
  6. Lifetime updates available.

Use our online generator and become a better player in the game. Do not hesitate to use it. Our tool is totally free. If you face any problem after using our online application then please inform us using our contact form. We will try our best to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Some Valid Animal Jam Codes and Its Rewards

These are official codes shared by

ajbday5 5th Birthday Cake
animals 1,000 Gems
explorer 100 Gems
explore 500 Gems
trench 500 Gems
phantoms 500 Gems
bemybuddy 1,000 Gems
NGKAJ17 500 Gems

The importance of free Animal jam diamond codes

Free animal jam codes 2016 generator is an awesome way to add gems in your account. The gems are the official currency in the game and permit a player the capacity to put resources into different things, for example, accessories, dens and even adopt exotic pets. You know there is a whole energizing and hidden side of the animal jam world that can be accessed if you have enough gems in your account. Even undertaking many tasks is unlikely to result in the allotment of enough reward gems to fulfill a decent player. Utilizing these codes can however help in making it less demanding to boost your account and make recess more fun.

Animal jam is an energizing internet gaming stage made by National Geographic for children with an affection for Animals and mother nature. Inside this gaming environment, players have the capacity to complete fluctuating exercises, for example, making creature symbols, planning their homes, partake in gaming undertakings with different players and realize about their picked creatures and how they live.

Unfortunately, numerous folks realize that kid’s enthusiasm for online games can frequently be flighty. This implies paying a substantial entirety for a yearly participation may be an awful venture if your child will likely switch to something else in two or three months. Unfortunately monthly memberships have a tendency to result in a little measure of Gems that any devoted gamer will rapidly experience,, hence the popularity of Animal Jam diamond codes.

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